Weekly 20 Songs: 13 November 2014

Weekly playlists are back!!!

I am never sure how many people ever listen to the songs I list on these posts, but I like making them, and I need more new music in my life again, which was what the weekly 20-song playlists were for in the first place. So, without further ado, here are 20 great songs, all available on spotify, that I am listening to on repeat this week.



1. “Snowbird,” Mark Eitzel (Music for Courage and Confidence) – It is disgustingly cold here this week, thanks to a storm that turned up all of a sudden and dropped our nice sunny Indian summer temperatures into mid-winter sub-zero iciness that freezes your lungs. This song is a lot prettier than my feelings for cold weather, but it does fit the season all of a sudden. It was a perfect soundtrack to the snow falling last night when I was putting this playlist together.

2. “Taladh Chriosta (The Christ Child’s Lullaby),” Ross Crean – This song was released not too long ago as a single, but soon it will also be available on an exciting new full-length album along with lots of other lovely Irish lullabies and other non-Irish lullabies. Ross has been talking about making his next album an Irish one, more like his earlier Blackwater that I like so much, and since many of the Irish lullabies are my favorite Irish traditional songs, this new one may be my new favorite Ross Crean album. This particular song sounds like a processional church song, the sort of tune one might imagine monks singing as they walk down an aisle, and all this track is missing is the cathedral to enjoy it in.

3. “Right as Rain,” Adele (19) – I don’t listen to mainstream music much, especially since I don’t listen to radio, but I do occasionally check out mainstream artists on spotify of course. This list has a few of ’em, including this nice cover from Adele and several mainstream country singers.

4. “Losing Game,” Patti Fiasco (Small Town Lights) – I’ve been wearing my Patti Fiasco tshirt a lot lately (at least till it got FREEZING cold) and listening to Patti Fiasco’s albums on repeat, so I had to include one of their songs this week. I still think this is one Colorado country/rock band that should be a lot more well known nationally.

5. “Wildfire,” Sara Evans (Stronger)

6. “Tundra,” Ashley Chambliss (tupelo)

7. “Cold Chicago,” Humming House (Humming House)

8. “Night Owl,” Little Big Town (Tornado) – If you like slow, pretty ABBA songs, you’ll love this song. Neither ABBA nor Little Big Town has this dreamlike aesthetic very often, but this song is channeling the same dream state as some of my favorite ABBA songs.

9. “The Underground (One Bird at a Time),” Marian Call (Something Fierce) – This is from Marian Call’s new album, and while it is too new for me to have internalized it yet, my ears definitely perk up just a bit when this song comes on. It reminds me a bit of songs by Pocket Satellite, Vienna Tang, and Cibelle.

10. “Moonage Daydream,” He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (He’s My Brother She’s My Sister)


11. “[I Prithee] Do Not Ask for Love,” The Monkees (Missing Links Volume 2) – The Monkees did a movie, a very bizarre experimental movie that made very little sense and presented a hogdepodge of music sort of squished together with colored lights and strange costumes and lots of wild, exhausting-looking dancing. I definitely prefer the regular episodes and their songs, but this is one exception, a nice English love ballad that Peter Tork sings in the movie that is actually quite nice.

12. “Loaded Gun,” Mama Lenny & the Remedy (Time, You’re Doing Fine) – If I could keep a few of my favorite Colorado bands in my closet, or maybe in a luxury dormatory where I could enjoy their music and company all the time, this band and Patti Fiasco would be at the top of my list (along with Von Stomper, Better Than Bacon and just a ‘few’ more).

13. “Searchin’ for the Truth,” The Haunted Windchimes (Out With the Crow)

14. “New York Mining Disaster 1941,” The BeeGees (Mythology)

15. “Be There In Bells,” The Pines (Dark So Gold)

16. “Red Dirt Road,” Brooks & Dunn (#1s … and Then Some)

17. “I Hung My Head,” Sting (25 Years)

18. “Adoon Winding Nith,” Emily Smith (Adoon Winding Nith)

19. “Bed Bed Bed,” They Might Be Giants” (No!) – It is amazing that it has taken this long for me to add this song to a list. I sing this song to myself while I am making myself put my books down, turn the computer off, and go to bed.

20. “Sabre Dance,” Woody Herman and his Orchestra – I had this song stuck in my head for about a week, and was whistling it constantly till I figured out what it is called and could listen to a recording of it. It is fun to whistle, but exhausting.

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