About Ravenmount

Ravenmount is a music blog that launched sometime last summer (when it emerged out of a soup of general blogginess as a music-themed online publication). It covers mostly bands and artists performing live in Fort Collins, though once an artist has turned up on the Ravenmount radar once, their activities outside Fort Collins remain on the Ravenmount radar. So far these touring music acts include folks from Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Alaska.

Ravenmount is not genre-specific, and much of the music covered here spans multiple genres anyway. The filter used to choose what I write about and what shows I attend and photograph is whether or not I am interested in that particular artist or band, and whether I enjoy their music. I figure most of us listen to a wide variety of music, rarely bothering to assign genre labels to our music, and we seek out friends whose music tastes we can relate to, if we need new music. If you know that you like some of the music I feature on my blog, there’s a decent chance you might like some of the rest of the music I recommend, too.

“But you still have genre labels?” you ask. Yeah, I do try to suggest roughly where artists fit in with respect to genres, because these labels do give a rough approximation that can be useful. But, as one person’s ‘Country’ is another person’s ‘Western Swing’ or ‘Gypsy Bluegrass’, your best bet is to listen to a few tracks and see if you like ’em.

How do I manage all this and still pay rent? Well, I also am a tutor during the school year, which helps to pay the bills, but my vision for this music blogging project is that it will turn into a non-profit of some sort. There is not much money floating around any local music scene, for a variety of reasons, so most people who work to support music at this level survive through grants and donations. I am still developing the map for what this will look like for Ravenmount. As with many such projects, having more resources is always a good thing- I survive as well as I do because the local music scene is full of generous people who do their best to make my efforts on their behalf cost me as little as possible, but ideally a blog project like mine should not operate at the expense of musicians who themselves make only a little more money than I do. So, while I am primarily focused on developing my tutoring clientel for the coming semester, I am also always looking for grants and people who would like to be private donors to support local and independent music through my efforts with Ravenmount.

1 Response to About Ravenmount

  1. Scott Foley says:

    While I’ve been at KRFC for just over 5 years, I just came across your blog today. You do a great job highlighting many of the worthy artists and events of Fort Collins. I was curious if you’d have some time to meet at the station some day to see if there might be some opportunity for collaboration. Feel free to respond to the email address below.

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