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Ravenblog: Covers Wishlists, Josh Groban, Rhydian, and Celtic Thunder

One of my favorite things about local/regional music scenes is that the musicians that dominate many local music scenes is original, songs I have never heard before, written by or for the bands that perform them. With how unoriginal mainstream … Continue reading

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This week’s posts on Bubblews

I found myself a new toy this week, a ‘social blogging’ site called Bubblews. It’s anyone’s guess how long this site will last or how useful it might be, but I wrote a few posts on it so far. You … Continue reading

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Ravenmount is on Pinterest!

One of the most addictive newer time-waster sites in social media is Pinterest, and of course Ravenmount has a few boards on my account there. Ravenmount Music includes pins about music, of course, including occasional pins of articles from this … Continue reading

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Podcast Adventures- MuttLeeFools

My new adventure this month has been a podcast called MuttLeeFools. The name derives from the two crazy fellows who started this podcast months ago, Jason “Mutt” Rogers and Kyle Lee. I suppose that means I’m the ‘Fool’, but so … Continue reading

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Remembering 9/11

It was an event that crystallized in our minds the memories of where we were and what we were doing on a particular day, at a particular moment, a day that marked the end of something, the beginning of something … Continue reading

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Quick Updates- new 200-song playlist, blog format, preview of tomorrow’s shows

I loved the 3-column design this blog has had for the past few weeks, but it had no space for an archive menu or a blogroll, so while I’m stuck at home getting over a very sore throat and flu-like … Continue reading

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Mars! Aliens?

Amidst all the news of the shooting at the Sikh temple in Milwaukee, the continued killings in Syria, the lethal lightning strike at the NASCAR race, etc., there was one bit of news which stood out as a positive advance … Continue reading

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Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 3

A new set of 20 great songs for the week. Yep, there’s a Paolo Nutini tune in here, plus a few from the Celtic Thunder ‘lads’, of course, but this week’s list has a few more ‘discovery’ tracks, songs I … Continue reading

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July 2012 Books I Read

I didn’t read as many books as I would have wished this past month, partly because I’ve been actually compiling my thesis, and partly because I read a few really long books this time. My favorite books from this set … Continue reading

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The NBC’s Olympics, or, What Did We Really Expect?

(A rant)It does make me feel better seeing the many supporters of Olympic athletics on the Internet and within my community- clearly we as a society have not forgotten all those nice things the Olympic Games stood for in the … Continue reading

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