Library tomorrow, NaNoWriMo tonight

It is ~6F outside, and my poor apartment is doing is valiant best to stay tolerably warm. I feel like I ought to be reading some books with peasants in them, the sort of country peasants who bundle up the way I am dressed now, and who might eat a stew like what I am eating, while glaring at the drafty window frames.

But, since I hope to turn in some books tomorrow, I’m reading the crime thrillers, mysteries and romances on my stacks tonight, all fast reads with no peasants . It’s too bad, really. Tonight could be a great night for Bleak House , by Charles Dickens, or maybe Warand Peace .I’ve been enjoying how my update posts on here about my library reading project work as a rough reading journal for the project, so I’ll be posting all my Read Your Library updates to PersonaPaper, to keep them all together. Book reviews seem to be more effective on bubblews or on my own blog, though the vast majority of my review-esque notes wind up on goodreads.

I am also thinking about making an official Read Your Library Challenge page, possibly on my Ravenmount Books tumblr, so folks can sign up and interact as they might for a readathon. It may not happen just yet, since I still hold out hope for writing my 50,000 words this month for NaNoWriMo, but soon….

Speaking of which, I’m off to write a few pages on my novel, a post-war sci-fi/fantasy novel in which women and men have fought a war against each other over women’s rights, and women won, resulting in a vindictive role-reversal of sorts in which men’s rights have vanished into a sort of property condition like what women faced for centuries in the West. There’s more to it, of course, and I am debating over whether I am writing a romance, since the situation could easily harbor such a plotline. So far though, when I write a romance it never gets finished because I don’t want my siblings or friends to think I write steamy romances. When I try to take out the steamy bits, the whole novel turns dull, as if without the steamy bits my creative voice gets bored and is just going through the motions. Right now, though, the ‘novel’ is just 2000 words long, so I could write quite a bit more before I have to start making genre decisions.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

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