• Writing a Useful Book Review - Ratings tell you roughly how much I liked the book, but not much about why. Thus I am toying with adding categories to my reviews. What review tags do you use (or would you like to try in the future) when reviewing books? How do you manage your ratings system? Continue reading
  • The Three Rules of Reading - I am a co-moderator for what is becoming a medium-large sized online reading group, and it amazes me how much I see people apologizing for their reading habits or sounding guilty or ashamed over which books they read, or the … Continue reading
  • May 18-19 Reading Log - May 18, 11pm. I have been reading this week, though not posting much about my reading. I did not finish any reading on Sunday, the last day of the May Shadow Lounge Readathon, because I was corralled for a family … Continue reading
  • Shadow Lounge Readathon Log May 2017 - I am a participant and one of the moderators for the Shadow Lounge Readathon group, and our monthly readathon is this weekend. We started yesterday, at 4pm in my time zone (6pm Eastern Time), and I was at the laundromat … Continue reading


  • New Weekly Spotify Playlist: May 1-7 - I spent a while listening to my friend’s radio project The Colorado Playlist online today and decided it has been far too long since I last made one of these. So, here are 21 songs (because one of them is … Continue reading
  • Ravenmount Media Challenge 2017 - Do you like a good annual challenge? Here’s a new one I put together for 2017. It has 3 sections, for books, music, and film. Books (20 books)- Read … At least 2 books from a murder mystery series that … Continue reading
  • Album of the Evening- Stages - Album of the Evening- Stages by Josh Groban The longer I blog about music, the less I seem to tolerate albums in the classical/pop crossover subgenre that all include the same songs. I suppose if you are a man singing baritone or … Continue reading
  • Album of the Evening- Hushabye - Album of the Evening – Hushabye, by Hayley Westenra I had enough high energy evening music for a while, at least enough that tonight’s album is a lullaby collection by one of the women whose voice I occasionally wish I … Continue reading



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Ravenmount is a blog devoted to books and music, with a twitter account(@ravenmount1), tumblr page, and facebook pages (Ravenmount and Ravenmount Books). If you want to chip in something to help keep the lights and internet on, or to help fund my supply of Coca Cola, honey-blended whiskey, and wine (vital writing tools, of course), check out my nifty paypal tip jar in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

– Jamie B. , owner/operator/manager/writer/editor/etc. for Ravenmount


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