New Weekly Spotify Playlist: May 1-7

I spent a while listening to my friend’s radio project The Colorado Playlist online today and decided it has been far too long since I last made one of these. So, here are 21 songs (because one of them is pretty short), including a few newer songs by some of my favorite musicians, along with tracks I’ve had on older playlists and have not heard in far too long.

  1. “Everyday Is Like Sunday”- by Morrissey
  2. “Good to Be Around”- by Whippoorwill
  3. “Bruised Orange (Chains of Sorrow)”- Justin Vernon
  4. “Here Come the Wolves”- Post Paradise
  5. “Hard Way Home”- Brandi Carlile
  6. “Sweet Lover of Mine”- Emily Smith
  7. “We Are Hot Dogs”- Danielle Ate the Sandwich
  8. “Mollasses”- Bearfoot
  9. “Cruiscin Lan”- Moya Brennan and Cormac de Barra
  10. “Eggshell”- Lara Ruggles
  11. “From This Valley”- The Civil Wars
  12. “Long, Long Road”- David Francey
  13. “I Was Born a Dreamer”- SHEL
  14. “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain”- Nickel Creek
  15. “Last Request”- Paolo Nutini
  16. “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”- Crosby, Stills and Nash
  17. “I Won’t Give Up”- Michael Ball
  18. “Edge of Night”- Peter Hollens
  19. “Hobbit Drinking Medley”- Peter Hollens
  20. “Daydream”- Petals of Spain
  21. “Elephant in the Corn”- Nickel Creek

There’s more repetition in this week’s list than I would ideally want, and not enough new music, but I’ve not been really listening to music, old or new, for a few months now at least. So, this is a good start. I will be trying out new music and adding new songs to my playlists in coming weeks. And, I know many of my readers and followers (fans? Do I have fans? hmmm…) have not heard most of the songs I will be reusing from old playlists, so what is old for me may be new for almost everyone else. I hope through these playlists you can find some new tunes you enjoy, and new musicians you will become a fan of. Meanwhile I’ll continue to play with making new playlists and exploring old and new music.

Happy Listening

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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