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Ravenmount is a community supported effort dedicated to supporting artists and the Colorado Front Range arts scene.  I strongly believe that in order for local and indie music scenes like ours to support so many talented artists there need to be a few dedicated arts supporters who spend their time and energy developing better visibility for the scene and its artists, as a full-time job. Ravenmount exists to support the many talented artists within the Fort Collins music scene, through social media, this blog site, on-the-ground networking and many other activities. The most visible side of Ravenmount for many bands is the thousands of show photos I post on the Ravenmount facebook page, available for bands and artists to use for free.

Ravenmount can thrive on just $15,000 a year. This money goes to overhead, maintaining the camera that produces the thousands of photos that are added to the facebook page each month, and making sure that the artists at the Ravenmount showcase shows get paid.  Contributions to this fundraiser go through paypal, via the button above.

Thank You!


1 Response to Ravenmount Tip Jar

  1. Hello,
    I am looking to put a London based indie band on your radar. I was wondering if you could provide me with an email to send the details through to.


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