The Bloggiest Ravenmount yet!

After years away from regular blogging due to not having internet at home, I am back!  Not much has fundamentally changed in the interim. I spent over a year helping with a local cat rescue that has since closed, and added a lot to my kitten rescue skills. almost 50 kittens grew up as my fosters before finding their forever-humans, so that has been a serious accomplishment. I also have a couple extra cats now, and a couple kittens who were still with me once the Covid19 stay-at-home order happened.

I added food pantry volunteer work to my lifestyle, so I help with at least 2 food distributions per month now. My neighborhood is a food desert, with no actual grocery stores within reasonable walking distance, so these not only mean I get more fresh food, but they also significantly help a lot of people in my community.

And of course I still read a lot and enjoy good music. So, you can expect these to be a strong element of my blog. I crochet a lot, and I am working on developing my fiction writing skills (cosy fantasy series about a kitten rescuer, with recipes and crochet patterns? not sure that works yet). Oh, and when there are livestreamed deep-sea dives, I still like to watch them and take screenshots.

So much of my lifestyle as a structurally unemployed person already resembles that of a comfortable Covid-isolated person that I must admit I am not forced to change much of how I live so far, aside from not being able to go to the library. Before my friend gave me internet for my birthday (a truly amazing gift) I was awfully isolated and grumpy, of course, but now that I can be online 24/7, life is good. Knowing that most of my friends and acquaintances are struggling to adapt to a stay-at-home quarantine lifestyle, though, I figured now might be a great time to resume blogging. I’ve been ‘training’ for this for years, after all. 🙂

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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