Ravenmount Media Challenge 2017

Do you like a good annual challenge? Here’s a new one I put together for 2017. It has 3 sections, for books, music, and film.

Books (20 books)- Read …

  1. At least 2 books from a murder mystery series that is new to you.
  2. A book published since 2005 in at least 3 of the following genres- science fiction, fantasy, romance/romantic literary fiction, mystery/suspense, horror, Western
  3. A YA trilogy in any genre.
  4. A book translated from French, German, Italian, or Portuguese.
  5. A book by an African author.
  6. A book by a South American or Mexican author.
  7. A book written by someone from your home state.
  8. A book about someone who died within the past 5 years.
  9. A book about climate.
  10. A book about space.
  11. A book about a journey.
  12. A book about an ecosystem.
  13. A book about trains.
  14. A book about music or art.
  15. Three classics you have not read yet.

Music (20 albums)

  1. Listen to an album of jazz released since 2000.
  2. Listen to 3 albums of classical music that are unfamiliar to you.
  3. Listen to a rock album released prior to 1995.
  4. Listen to a rock album released by a currently touring band.
  5. Listen to a country album released prior to 1995.
  6. Listen to a country album released within the past 2 years.
  7. Listen to albums by 3 different all-female acts.
  8. Listen to 3 albums by a single songwriter that span more than 5 years.
  9. Listen to an album that was one of your favorites when you were in high school.
  10. Pick 5 current acts you are not yet familiar with and listen to an album from each of them. (for ideas, use Spotify’s Discovery feature, Amazon recommendations, Youtube recommendations, etc., or a rack at a music store)

Film (30 films)

  1. Pick 5 actors who have been in multiple films. Find 2 films for each actor that you have not watched yet, and watch them.
  2. Watch a Western.
  3. Watch a comedy from 1950-1979.
  4. Watch a ‘made for TV’ movie.
  5. Watch 5 movies recommended to you by strangers.
  6. Watch 5 movies recommended to you by family members.
  7. Watch 3 documentary films on science topics.
  8. Watch a history film.
  9. Watch a subtitled foreign film.
  10. Watch 2 films from before 1950.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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