Album of the Evening- Stages

Album of the Evening- Stages by Josh Groban

The longer I blog about music, the less I seem to tolerate albums in the classical/pop crossover subgenre that all include the same songs. I suppose if you are a man singing baritone or tenor and covering musical theater and recognizable classical and traditional songs, including all the same songs as everyone else serves as a sort of resume or CV that allows people to compare you to other singers when considering who to hire to sing the anthem at a baseball game, or to sing “You Raise Me Up” at a wedding.

Well, Josh Groban started out with all the usual songs, but he broke away from those predictable songs fairly early, and I always look forward to hearing what music he’s selected for his new albums. Stages is all covers, and all musical theater songs, and there are other singers in this subgenre who have recorded some of them, but he’s included some less common songs, too. Every classically trained pop singer seems to have to put out a version of “Bring Him Home”, “All I Ask of You”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and “Anthem”. Not everyone has recorded a version of “Finishing the Hat”, “Old Devil Moon”, or “Try to Remember”. The deluxe version of this album has more of these less common songs, too.

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