Album of the Evening- Hushabye

Album of the Evening – Hushabye, by Hayley Westenra

I had enough high energy evening music for a while, at least enough that tonight’s album is a lullaby collection by one of the women whose voice I occasionally wish I could match. (I still prefer to sing alto, so her soprano range, while gorgeous, is not really ‘me’.)  I fantasize about wandering the world collecting lullabies, a form of song often neglected by song-collectors as not important enough or not the sort of songs a respectable music historian should care about. But, just like dialects and other cultural traits, the songs we think of as lullabies have histories and can be traced to their origins with enough research. Anyway, this album has several more interesting ones, alongside some of the more common tunes that Americans and many Europeans think of when they think “lullaby”.

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