Album of the Evening- Phone Power

Album of the Evening- They Might Be Giants, Phone Power

I feel old when I think about how long ago the album Flood was released, that has most of the songs I really know from They Might Be Giants. But, I am trying to branch out and listen to other albums lately. Some of this band’s albums are clearly geared towards small children and don’t really appeal to me, but their most recent album, which came out this year, is a bit more like the sort of songs on Flood. I particularly love the song “I Am Alone”, a sort of creepy take on seeing yourself in a 3-part mirrors, where maybe your reflection (or one of them) is not just a reflection. I still like Flood best, but maybe some of what I like so much about that album is that I have spent about 2 decades listening to those songs.

They Might Be Giants has Phone Power available through their website as a pay-what-you-can deal, where fans can download the album for however much they want to pay. And, of course, it also is available to listen to on spotify, but at least as far as I could see this evening, this new TMBG album is not available in a physical CD via yet.

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