Album of the Evening- Mercy Street

Album of the Evening- Mercy Street, by Keith Harkin

Ok, maybe this is not the best album to wind down and fall asleep to. Keith Harkin, who has been one of the principal singers in Celtic Thunder for about a decade, is more of a classic rock and country sort of guy, it seems, when he’s not on the Celtic Thunder stage. The second track on this album reminds me of Rascal Flatts, a lot. So imagine that sort of energy, and yeah, this is not music I’m falling asleep listening to. Oh well. Keith announced this week that he will be stepping away from Celtic Thunder (stepping away, not leaving- no one leaves Celtic Thunder permanently short of death, really) and focusing on his solo career following his upcoming wedding. So, it seemed a good night to put on his latest solo album, which came out this year.   

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