Philip Glass- The Hours (soundtrack)

I’ve been known to whine about how modern arts are still so overshadowed by the classics, especially with respect to music. Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are well known names, but few modern composers’names are known by anyone outside academic music circles. Philip Glass is one exception, somewhat, a composer whose music is composed not just to be heard in concert halls, but as soundtrack music for movies. If you think of all the operas and the many other pieces of classical music that were meant to follow a particular narrative, soundtracks make sense as a modern form for great composers’ masterworks. Sure, the structure of a movie soundtrack is different from that of a concerto, but I think it is reasonable that our art is structured to fit with our own world, not that of several centuries ago. Modern times require modern standards.

Anyway, the soundtrack album for the film The Hours is composed by Philip Glass. If you’ve seen the Battlestar Galactica series (the recent one), you may recall the piano tune that Starbuck’s father plays on the cassette tape, the theme she later plays on piano that is super-important as a code for finding their new planet. That piece is actually another one composed by Philip Glass, and I am reminded of that much shorter piano piece (which is actually entitled “Metamorphosis One”) by much of the Hours soundtrack. It’s cool-sounding music, sophisticated and modern, and a great music selection for studying or reading (which is what I am doing tonight, since I’m a bit behind already in my book-a-day challenge).

Here is the link for Philip Glass’s The Hours soundtrack album on spotify:


and here it is on youtube…

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