Tunes of the Day – Modern Covers on Youtube

We all wonder what media will last long enough to become classics for future generations. Here are 5 great cover videos currently available on youtube that I think may have a chance at obtaining ‘classic’ status.

  1. Postmodern Jukebox, “All About That Bass” – This is a gorgeous version of an already great song. I especially love the upright bass solo, but the 3 sexy lady singers are a nice touch too. The message in the lyrics is one women (and men) in our current society are fond of repeating (even if it is often just words), that curves on women are great, and that you don’t have to look like a Barbie to be beautiful or sexy. If future generations get over the need to hold all women to one beauty standard, maybe this song will eventually lose its appeal, but otherwise this song seems like one that may stick for a few generations, even if this particular recording isn’t always popular.
  2. Pentatonix ft. Todrick Hall, “Wizard of Ahhs” – Here’s a fun take on the mash-up cover format that Glee and other shows have made so popular. This is a sort of musical in which bits of popular songs are merged to tell the Wizard of OZ story. The singers are the group Pentatonix, a group that benefited from one of the recent elimination style reality music competition shows. They are quite good, and perhaps they can survive long enough to become a household name even after that show is long over.
  3. Pentatonix, “Evolution of Music” – Here’s Pentatonix without the narrative music video. In this video, also a mash-up, the group starts with 11th century church music and progresses through the centuries and recent decades. They leave out a lot to fit the whole millennium of music into 4 minutes, but they include a fun range of styles in one piece.
  4. L.E.J. “Summer 2015” – Despite the fact that most of my facebook friends do not know French, this video turns up on my facebook feed a lot. It is a montage of popular songs that includes quite a few tunes familiar to American listeners, plus a bit of European pop that I am otherwise not so familiar with. These 3 ladies have a lot of youtube video covers, and seem to have built quite a following, mostly through youtube.
  5. Danielle Ate the Sandwich with David Bashford, “Mega 80’s Mashup” – Danielle Ate the Sandwich is another act that has made great use of youtube. She teamed up recently with David Bashford to create this excellent video sqhuishing lots of my favorite 80’s songs into one glorious video. We are all far more used to seeing Danielle with her ukulele, but she is clearly great as an 80’s pop star too, complete with blue eyeshadow and a wind machine.

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