Ravenblog: Fierce Bad Rabbit, Virus Shawls and Louis L’Amour

I’ve been listening to far too many audiobooks lately. They are nice because they leave my hands free to crochet, but they are also annoyingly slow compared to just reading the books myself. It took over 10 hours to listen to a Rick Riordan novel (book #4 in the Olympians series) that should have taken closer to 2-3 hours if I had been reading the book silently. So, once I finished listening to that overly long audiobook, the rest of today I’m back to a music soundtrack to accompany my crocheting.

Actually while I was trying to decide whether to start listening to another audiobook, I started humming “Gone Dear”, by Fierce Bad Rabbit, a song I haven’t listened to in far too long, so at the moment I have the spotify page for Fierce Bad Rabbit open and I’m listening to all their albums on the random setting. It’s tough sticking to just one artist’s page on spotify, but so long as the computer is on the other side of the room from my seat while I am crocheting, I tend not to ‘change the channel’ too often.  I wish I had the Whensday version of Winchester Holiday’s song “Joshua- Teklanika” on the computer I’m using- I did finally buy it, and it is on my own computer, but of course that computer is still not working and may need its operating system reinstalled. And of course I didn’t back up that song on the free cloudspace where my amazon.com purchases live. Oh well.

If you haven’t listened to Fierce Bad Rabbit yet, you owe it to yourself to check them out. I tend to forget anymore that they are a ‘local’ band, because their songs sound so familiar, I suppose, though they do sound like a band that could easily belong on mainstream radio. Fierce Bad Rabbit plays alternative rock/pop/whatever you like to call a rock band with a violin. Their music has been featured in a movie called Whensday, a cute film about time travel and Fort Collins life. FBR is one of the first bands I really got into when I started exploring the Fort Collins music scene, and they put on an excellent live show. Their lead singer moved to Boston a few years ago, which cut down on their local show schedule, but the band still exists. They released a new album last year, Living Asleep, which did quite well in Colorado. Currently the band is in a ‘breather’ period, but hopefully they will be back on stage and touring once they get tired of ‘normal life’ enough to resume band life- living in a van and staying up all night playing loud music in bar-venues.

Fierce Bad Rabbit – spotify , facebook , official webpage

In the meantime FBR is a great accompaniment to my virus shawl project. I gave in and tried the currently trendy crochet project, the ‘Virus Shawl’. I’m guessing the shawl gets its name from the way the pattern repeats seem to self-replicate a rather complicated fabric out of just a mix of double crochets, single crochets and chain stitches. The original pattern may have been German, but in any case as far as I can tell, no one ‘owns’ the pattern at this point. I decided that I’m making a bunch of these shawls in different yarns and colors for Christmas presents, so I’ve been doing this stitch pattern over and over for days now. It works up fast, and so long as you use a hook appropriate to your yarn, it works for just about any yarn and hook size.

Here’s a youtube video I started out with to learn the pattern.

And, now that I am not listening to an audiobook, I’m focusing on reading actual books in my apartment, a crazy thought but one that may lead to finishing a few books that can be passed on to Grandma. This weekend I am hoping to read a couple Louis L’Amour novels. these are very short, fast Westerns, fairly well-written, and set in a rather accurate West, mostly Colorado Territory, California, and portions of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails. His female characters are sometimes well developed, and are not just the damsels in distress and loose tavern women that populate many Westerns. His non-White characters are also usually more complex and human than they are in many other classic Westerns.

L’Amour himself lived in the West, and for a while he had a home in Southern Colorado, so he is writing about our region from personal experience, as a local resident, not just as an occasional visitor. He had lots of adventures and a diverse work history, and his experiences bleed into his stories, making them feel occasionally like short versions of Clive Cussler stories.

For more info on Louis L’Amour, you can check out the official Louis L’Amour website .

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