Weekly 20-Song Playlist: June 26

I gave up doing these playlist posts a while ago when, thanks to my leaving Fort Collins and winding up in a place where my Internet access was not all that reliable, I decided these were just too much work for how few of them I managed to post, and the fact that my readership was fading fast.  But, I miss my playlist posts. I started them before I was doing any live concert photography, as a distraction from my fan-blogging efforts linked with Ryan Kelly’s hospitalization, since I had a surprising number of readers all of a sudden to Ravenmount, for my ‘candles’ posts and updates on what was going on with Ryan and his fans.

These playlists were partly because I wanted to expand my active listening habits, because I’d fallen into a rut, only listening to Celtic Thunder, Josh Groban, Rhydian Roberts, and the High Kings, over and over and over. I also was annoyed that all my music was performed by complete strangers I have no reasonable expectation of meeting, ever. (Yes, I have now met most of Celtic Thunder, but only under very controlled circumstances.) I wanted to start finding music by local artists who are not so famous that they are shielded by body-guards and only accessible for autographs. The first local artists I met are still friends, and I still love their music, for its own merits and because it reminds me of the people who made it.

Living in Pueblo, I have not been wandering the streets at night looking for bands to photograph (the streets here don’t feel as safe at night as the ones I frequented in Fort Collins), so I’ve fallen into another rut, only listening to the few thousand tracks I gathered to build my earlier playlists. Meanwhile many of those artists have made new music, and there are new artists I will most certainly love if only I let myself discover them. So, I’m starting over making weekly 20 song playlists, reusing tracks from earlier playlists but combining those songs with new tracks I have not added to any existing playlists. So, expect some old favorites and some new tunes you may never have heard of before, and lots of great music.

1. Of Monsters and Men, “Crystals” – This song sounds like it should be on movie credits or a TV ad for some feel-good product, very catchy.

2. Ben Howard, “Old Pine” – This song sounds a lot like Simon & Garfunkel songs, enough that I occasionally stop, puzzled, trying to work out which song this is, comparing it to my favorite S&G songs before realizing it is this song, on a playlist where Paul Siman and Art Garfunkel do not feature at all.

3. Josh Groban, “Awake” – I added 2 of Josh’s songs to this first playlist, even though in general I try not to repeat artists on any one playlist. This is the song I started out with when building this playlist, and when I realized I really wanted a more recent track from him on this week’s list, I still wanted this song. I tend to put the current playlist on shuffle while I’m reading or crocheting, and may listen to it 10-15 times in a week before creating a new playlist.

4. Hannah & Maggie, “Syncopate, Syncopate” – I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week, so it had to make this week’s list. It’s on a list from a few years ago, so my newer readers may not have seen that list.

5. SHEL, “When the Sky Fell” – This band is maturing, and its various members are busy doing all sorts of side projects, but so far they are also still performing together. In fact they will be playing a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater later this summer. They have some newer music they have been working on, though I have no idea when it is to be released.

6. Winchester Holiday, “Teklanika” – Their debut album is not on spotify, but thankfully the band incubator program they are a part of released a CD with my favorite Winchester Holiday song on it. I absolutely love this song (and these lads know I do). Winchester Holiday is a Fort Collins folk-rock boy band consisting of 2 sets of brothers and a drummer, all good-looking (but too young for me) men who harmonize really well and put on a brilliant live show.

7. Celtic Thunder, “Caledonia” – If you are a newer Celtic Thunder fan it may be hard to note the differences between this track and the one from this group’s first show. This track is from a new ‘best hits’ compilation album that brings in the voice of Emmett O’Hanlon, the new operatic voice for this group. Some of the tracks on this album are, as far as I can tell, the same as on earlier albums, but there are some, like “Caledonia”, that sound a bit different, and a few that are new arrangements for the modern CT lineup. I love the original CT version of “Caledonia”, but this one is quite good too.

8. Helen York, “Nobody Knows” – I browsed a few suggestions on spotify’s Discover tool, and liked this one a lot.

9. Josh Groban, “Satellite” – I love this cover.

10. Eastmountainsouth, “So You Are to Me” – Still one of my favorite songs from past playlist posts.

11. Humming House, “Southern Seamstress” – The way this band sounds on this song, the remind me of Porcelain City, a folk band in Fort Collins that also features a ukulele. I’d bet they can cover this song really well, too.

12. The Patti Fiasco, “The Losing Game”

13. Post Paradise, “The Ghost in the Airwaves”

14. Danielle Ate the Sandwich, “What I Needed” – Danielle is still one of the most talented songwriters I know.

15. Shawn Colvin, “The Neon Light of the Saints”

16. Ross Crean, “The Buddhist Ballet”

17. Bob Dylan, “Tangled Up In Blue” – One of my favorite Colorado artists, Tyler T., covers this song a lot, but since he has not yet added a new album to his spotify listings, I picked the original of one of the songs in his regular repertoire.

18. Natalie Cole, “I Can’t Breakaway (From You)”

19. Cibelle, “The Gun and the Knife” – This is a very creepy duet ballad, somewhat along the lines of a modern Romeo and Juliet, I guess.

20. Maroon 5, “Misery” (acoustic)

I’ve been listening to this playlist already, over and over, for almost a week, roadtesting it, so starting tomorrow I’ll have to start on the next one. As before, I’ll make a weekly playlist on spotify for each week, and then also make “Big Playlists” where I’ll compile 10 weeks of songs per list, since these 200 song playlists wind up with great variety and last long enough for a few hours of constant great music. For this week, here is the spotify playlist-

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2 Responses to Weekly 20-Song Playlist: June 26

  1. I love Emmett O’Hanlon’s voice, but I much prefer the original CT version of Caledonia.

    • Ravenmount says:

      Yeah, the original version was the first Celtic Thunder song I ever heard, and I bought my first CT album based solely on that song, so I didn’t need it remade. I’ll be glad when/if they move on to some new material so they aren’t just remaking the old albums with new voices.

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