Arts Bookshelf Review: Sketch!: Drawing Inspirations from a Professional Artist

Sketch! by I sat on this review for a few months, partly because my Internet went out for a month, and then my computer died, but I also was not sure what I thought about this book. As something cute to add to an artsy bookshelf, this is a lovely book, well made, with lots of pretty pictures. The A to Z section of ideas for things to draw may also be useful as a way to combat blank pages, and the fact of having and browsing a book on sketching may help encourage the reader to draw something. In addition, this book has a chapter on drawing with a phone app (which I could not benefit from since I have no smart phone and thus can’t try the app), and a chapter on materials that had some helpful suggestions about watercolors. Overall, though, this book has not been as inspirational as I had expected. It looks nice on my shelf, and I have read it all the way through, twice, plus occasional browsing in the A-Z section, but I suspect it will be regifted soon to someone who may make better use of it. I think this book might be great, if sold as part of a package that includes a drawing pad and some of the drawing implements the author mentions in the text as particularly good. If an additional 50 sheets of book pages were included, blank, after the last printed page in this book, as an included drawing practice space, that could have been cool.  I’d have also loved to see more basic drawing exercises and tips, which this book was extremely light on. Another couple chapters focusing on specific drawing assignments could have made this a far more effective book. Still, for what it is, I’m giving this book 4 stars out of 5, as a pretty book aimed at inspiring people to draw. It would look nice on a coffee table, or shelved with other art related books, and might actually be influential, for the right readers, towards inspiring more drawing.

Links about this book from Penguin Random House

Blogging for Books LogoI received my copy of this book free from Penguin Random House through their Blogging for Books program, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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