Daily Bookbag: 15 Feb 2015

I am finishing the last 2 rows on my giant striped crochet blanket tonight, while watching the Lord of the Rings movies, and while reading. Always reading.

I’ve finished 19 books so far this month, including one 1550 page novel, not too shabby considering it is only the 15th. My reading pace may be slowing soon though. The more I read, lately, the more I feel like writing something instead. I have several novels in their early stages that I might write, but right now I am thinking it might be nice to try my hand at writing a screenplay.

I watched the Wheel of Time pilot that came out just recently, just ~20 minutes of really bad acting and a mix of material pulled straight from the book and watered down, low-budget alternatives to the book’s story. The pilot only covers the preface to the first book, The Eye of the World, showing Lews Therin in what should be the ruined palace where he killed his entirel household and is now insane. In the book, he regains his sanity and then draws in enough of the One Power to not only kill himself but to destroy the palace and create a mountain where he was standing. That mountain is part of the plot later on.

Well, in the pilot, he still killed his household and still regains his sanity, though the scene is drawn out far too long before he realizes what he’s done. Then, he wanders off with a big knife and I guess we’re supposed to assume he’s going to kill himself with the knife off screen. The bit in the book where he tries to use thepower to revive his wife is not in the pilot at all, and the ‘channeling’ we see is just in a flashback, very brief, where it looks as though someone pasted some lightning in front of his image using photoshop. I assume this awful pilot was just made and released as a placeholder to allow the people who made it to retain rights over the story, but with how annoyed the Wheel of Time fans seem to be about this lousy pilot, their finished series had betterbe that much more amazing to make up for it.

In the meantime, while my own screenplay for this story could probably never amount to anything but an exercise in screenplay writing, I feel like reviewing screenplay formatting and writing my own Wheel of Time series. I may have to drop back to just a book a day for a while. 🙂

In other news, I checked out the last couple books off the first shelf of the A’s, at the library this week, so as soon as I read and return the books I have checked out, I can cross of a shelf of the public libary here as completed. It’s nice to be making visible progress on my Read Your Library Challenge reading project. Have you been reading your local library? Which shelf/shelves are you starting on?

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