Daily Bookbag: 6 February 2015

No wonder I’ve been feeling so out of sorts lately! A few hours of my great Fort Collins music playlist and I’m already feeling much more myself. I haven’t loaded in all of the bands and artists I know from that area yet, just the ones that I was thinking about last night already- Danielle Ate the Sandwich, SHEL, Von Stomper, Cary Morin, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Muskateer Gripweed, Post Paradise, Mama Lenny & the Remedy, Greyweather and Tyler T. I added in Patti Fiasco this morning, even though they are claimed by Wyoming and Denver too, because in my mind they belong as part of the FoCo set. As I was typing this I remembered that I need to add Deadwood Saints too, and I’m sure I’ll further augment my playlist throughout the day. Too many of my favorites aren’t on spotify, but there are still enough to make a playlist days long, easily.   And, Cary Morin’s new album is on my playlist, as well as Danielle’s. Should be a fun day, music-wise.

Last night, as if I didn’t already have enough to read, I added 10 new books to my ebook stack. I know established book reviewers, book critics and bloggers may be laughing at my newbie-ness, but in any case… I discovered a few sites last year while I was floundering about, trying to figure out how new book bloggers are supposed to gain access to new books without going broke. Of course, both of the sites I joined, NetGalley and Edelweiss, provide most of their review copies as temporary ebooks that expire. I can download new copies to replace expired ones so long as the title is still available, though, much like renewing a library book. Well, with not having access to the Internet for the first few weeks of the year I could not maintain my usual ebook routines and I got rather behind. So, I had a lot of books that needed to be re-downloaded and no way to even find out if they were still available. Some of them did become unavailable, sadly, but I read a bunch of them just before they expired, and managed to salvage my completion quotas a bit on both sites.

Well, this past week a bunch of books expired and needed re-downloading again, and of course my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to sites full of books I can read. So, I re-downloaded all the books I needed, and got 10 more. Now my completion quotas are back to lousy for a while till I read all these books, but I’ll get to them all eventually (and I always leave reviews of some sort on the site where I got each book, plus reviews on Goodreads).

I started reading a couple ebooks last night, ones that drew me in before I could pull myself away after all that downloading work. First, I am reading While the Gods Were Sleeping, by Edwin Mortier, translated from Dutch and published in English last year. This review copy is a galley version, complete with printer’s marks, which as a printmaker I consider a nice touch. I’m not far enough into this one yet to know what it is about (and I pointedly avoid knowing too much about any book before I read it) but it is good so far. I also started a novella translated from Korean, Nowhere to Be Found, by Bae Suah, that looks interesting, and short. Even with all my other reading stacks I might finish this one today. This one is from South Korea, which I haven’t read much about in a couple years. I also downloaded 2 books by Ellery Adams, one of the mystery authors I discovered while reading the first shelf of the library for my Read your Library Challenge. I would probably have assumed these books were romances and skipped thme if I didn’t know of Ellery Adams from that library book, because the covers blend in well with the chick-lit romantic stuff that was listed on the same page with them on the NetGalley site. But I enjoyed the book I read of hers so I’m looking forward to reading 2 more.

Rooftops of TehranLast night I read Rooftops of Tehran, by Mahbod Seraji. This is a book I discovered while looking at lists of newer titles in world literature, and almost as soon as I decided i wanted to read it, it turned up on a Goodreads giveaway and I won a copy. It was a great book, a love story set in the generation right at the start of Iran’s shift towards Islamic fundamentalism. The characters are realistic, and the main character Pasha reminds me very much of a friend I had back in college. While there are secret police and this book does touch on politics and current events, it is really about life in Iran, for ordinary people, not historical figures, a human face on a country too often portrayed as an evil dictatorship or a twisted, cruel place where daily life can’t possibly happen.

Today’s reading stacks are a bit unlikely, with far too many books started, and lots more sitting nearby to tempt me away. I plan to finish the Cussler book I’ve started, Devil’s Gate, and at least one library book from the ‘first shelf’, so I can return enough books to see how the books on the library shelves shake out when they are all present. I have a feeling that when I finish and return all the books I already have out, I may be just about  completely done with the first shelf, since the books I have here would push the remaining unfinished books on the first library shelf back onto the second shelf.

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