January in Review: Favorite books, reading totals

How many books did you read in January? Did you come across any particularly good ones? Well, I read 38 books in January, and found several among them that I really enjoyed. My favorites were The Sorrow of Angels, by Jon Kalman Stefansson (read as a free ebook review copy obtained through the Edelweiss site), Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson (received free in hardcover through Goodreads’ First Reads giveaway), and The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison (checked out from the local library). I read 10 books towards my Read Your Library Challenge progress.

I have been enjoying the books on the library shelves from Susan Wittig Albert, which are sort of a cross between ‘Chick Lit’ and murder mystery, but in a good way. The sleuths are female, and they do concern themselves with ‘girl stuff’ like recipes and clothes, but they are respectable, sensible creatures. This author includes tasty-looking recipes in her novels, some of which I plan to try. I really like her Darling Dahlias series, set in Alabama during the Depression. I have quite a lot more of this author to read, and her books spill over onto the second shelf of the A’s, so when I return books these ones shift around a lot. I am considering them all ‘first shelf’ for my own sanity, so when I finish all of her books that are in our branch library collection, then I will be done with the first shelf.

For a list of all the books I’ve completed so fart owards my Read Your Library Challenge, see my recent PersonaPaper post, which lists all of my completed reading for this challenge from September 2014 through the end of January in alphabetical order by author’s last name. I am focusing more on my stack of Clive Cussler’s this week, since they are meant to pass on to my brother for his birthday in a few days, so this list should remain almost current for a few days, though I have 3 books on my ‘currently reading’ stack that are part of this project.

Here (if my html behaves itself; I’m awfully rusty at coding tables) is a table of all the books I read in January.

Title Author pg# Started Finished Rating
The Vineyard Michael Hurley 373 12/31/14 01/01/15 7.8
Murders for Sale Andre Norton and Grace Allen Hogarth 163 01/01/15 01/01/15 7
Those Who Save Us Jenna Blum 479 01/01/15 01/02/15 7.7
Ware Hawk Andre Norton 01/02/15 01/03/15 6.7
America’s Mistress: the Life and Times of Eartha Kitt John L Williams 301 12/23/14 01/06/15 7.1
Words of Radiance Brandon Sanderson 1080 12/31/14 01/07/15 8.4
Conan Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp 221 01/08/15 01/08/15 7
The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star Susan Wittig Albert 302 01/04/15 01/09/15 7
The Timekeeper Mitch Albom 224 01/09/15 01/09/15 7
The Sea of Monsters Rick Riordan 279 01/09/15 01/09/15 7
Degrees of Freedom Edwin van de Haar 158 01/08/15 01/10/15 7.5
Political Illiberalism Peter L.P. Simpson 240 01/10/15 01/10/15 3.7
Binary Stephanie Saulter 336 01/10/15 01/11/15 7.7
The Library of Unrequited Love Sophie Divry 47 01/11/15 01/11/15 7.2
The Sweetness of Life Paulus Hochgatterer 212 01/11/15 01/11/15 6.5
The End of My Tether Neil Astley 563 01/04/15 01/12/15 7.4
The Austere Academy Lemony Snicket 221 01/12/15 01/12/15 7
The Sorrow of Angels Jon Kalman Stefansson 248 01/11/15 01/13/15 8.6
The Ersatz Elevator Lemony Snicket 259 01/12/15 01/13/15 7
Thanks for the Memories Cecilia Ahern 371 01/13/15 01/14/15 7.2
Rio Grande Fall Rudolfo Anaya 338 01/14/15 01/15/15 7.7
Zia Summer Rudolfo Anaya 368 01/15/15 01/17/15 7.4
Golden State Stephanie Kegan 300 01/16/15 01/17/15 7.4
Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons Stephen Cole 256 01/18/15 01/19/15 7.2
The Astral Imperative Vol 1: The Dream Robert Dresner 320 01/18/15 01/19/15 4.5
Eaters of the Dead Michael Crichton 211 01/20/15 01/20/15 6.6
The Goblin Emperor Katherine Addison 446 01/20/15 01/21/15 8
1988: I Want to Talk With the World Han Han 288 01/21/15 01/21/15 6.8
Revolt in 2100 Robert A. Heinlein 330 01/22/15 01/24/15 6.2
Rope & Bone: A Novel in Stories Ginnah Howard 412 01/23/15 01/25/15 7
Saint Francis Nikos Kazantzakis 447 01/26/15 01/27/15 5.6
The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree Susan Wittig Albert 304 01/27/15 01/28/15 7.3
The Omega Theory Mark Alpert 320 01/28/15 01/29/15 7.6
My Quest for the Yeti Reinhold Messner 200 01/29/15 01/29/15 6.8
Raise the Titanic! Clive Cussler 435 01/29/15 01/30/15 7.1
Lavender Lies Susan Wittig Albert 320 01/29/15 01/30/15 6.8
The Outlander Gil Adamson 387 01/30/15 01/31/15 7.2

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