Daily Bookbag: 24 Jan 2015

Today is National Readathon Day, in other words a great day to settle in and read a lot. With reading being such a solitary, private adventure, avid readers can incorporate some sort of social life into reading through group activities like readathons. Frankly I would prefer book clubs to readathons, because getting everyone around you reading a lot doesn’t mean anyone else around you is reading the same books, and part of the fun of being social while reading is talking about the books you are reading.

I finished my daily to do list on Goodreads early today, though, and watched the rest of Red Dwarf last night so I won’t be so distracted. I’ve also put away my crochet project and cleared off the couch. It is only ~1pm, 1hr after I woke up, so I figure I can be all set to do a reading marathon in just a few minutes and I’ll have all day to read, until my eyes get too tired to read books, at least.

I finished Revolt in 2100 (Heinlein) last night. It was entertaining. This novel is actually 3 short stories that are set in the same world a generation or so apart. The first story is set in the evil church-ruled future United States, where the Prophet has set himself up as a dictator, utilizing psychics and propaganda, state prostitution, and inquisitors as props to support his reign.The second story is set after the revolution that overthrows the Prophet. In this episode, the US has become one big libertarian utopia, in which everyone has consented to the Covenant, an agreement to be subject to discipline in the event that one’s actions harm a fellow citizen. Dissenters are exiled to a reservation behind a big wall, and represent caricatures of anti-libertarians and anarchists. The third story is set in space where misfits are sent out to do potentially deadly tasks to make and asteroid habitable. I am not entirely convinced that the libertarian US is realistic, but then again I find it hard to believe that the Prophet will be setting himself up in place of our current government in the next generation from now. But, you never know.

I have about 200pgs left to read on Rope & Bone (Howard). I’m still baffled as to why Howard titled her novel ‘Rope & Bone’, so either I haven’t read enough of the story yet or the title is cryptic and would require a literature class to unravel it (or I am just not thinking like a literature student today). But the story is good still, if a bit slow, Where the characters in the Heinlein book were fighting battles, exploring the reservation, or moving asteroids, the characters in Howard’s book are living ordinary, if stressful, lives, having kids, getting jobs, and just basically surviving. Such ‘ordinary lives’ as these might seem exciting to Doctor Who, but they hardly present a gripping plot.

Other books on my stack for today-

  • Boule de Suif and other stories, Guy de Maupassant – short stories by one of my favorite classic French authors
  • The Titan’s Curse, Rick Riordan – Book 3 of the Olympians series
  • Raven’s Wing, Joyce Carol Oates – borrowed from my brother; he says it’s good and it has ravens in the title
  • The Waiting Years, Fumiko Enchi – borrowed from Mom
  • Edmund Persuader, Stuart Shotwell – won through Goodreads, a long novel in two fat volumes
  • The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree, Susan Wittig Albert – library book (Read Your Library Challenge), mystery set in 1930’s Alabama
  • How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, Julia Alvarez – library book (Read Your Library Challenge)
  • Socrates Cafe, Christopher Phillips – library book (Read Your Library Challenge), nonfiction
  • Legacy of Lies, Jane A. Adams – library book (Read Your Library Challenge), mystery
  • The Edge of the World, Kevin J. Anderson – library book (Read Your Library Challenge), fantasy, Colorado author

I of course can’t finish all of these in one day, but these are the ones I have stacked up to choose from today. I have not settled on music for the day yet, but i’ll start out with music to accompany Rope & Bone, so

  • Patti Fiasco
  • Hannah & Maggie
  • Chuck Pyle
  • Dala
  • Bob Dylan
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Dierks Bentley
  • Rachel Brooke
  • Danielle Ate the Sandwich (she has a NEW ALBUM, btw)

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