Finishing the First Shelf

After another library visit today, I now only have one author left on the first shelf that I have yet to finish reading on the first shelf of the adult fiction section of my local library. (!!!!) Of course I still have to read the books I checked out, but still, once I turn in the ones I have now, I can move on to the next shelf. Actually the final author on the first shelf, Susan Wittig Albert, extends onto the next shelf. Next week when I get to the library I’ll bring my camera along and take a snapshot of the shelves I am reading.

I also decided while I was at the library that I am starting at the 900’s and working backwards for non-fiction, because I am not eager to dive into a wall of self-help, pseudo-psychology, and religion. Our library has very little real philosophy, which ought to be in the 100’s, so the philosophy section is mostly books about philosophy and books about philosophers, all written for a general public that has no interest in real philosophy. After a master’s degree in political philosophy, I have read many more books in that area than our library offers. I read a lot of the paranormal and religious books when I was trying to read this library back in middle school, too. So, I checked out a book on native tribes in the Amazon and a book on the Sand Creek Massacre, from the 900’s end of the non-fiction section of the library.

I am pondering keeping a daily reading log starting this evening, but I don’t want it to be stuck on a site like where it might get lost if the site fails, and I certainly don’t want it on Bubblews, where old posts are nearly impossible to find. For now, I guess I’ll try doing a daily log on my own blog, and maybe do digests elsewhere. Not everyone will be thrilled to read them anyway, but I find myself reading other book bloggers’ reading log style posts occsaionally, so maybe others enjoy reading such posts too.

For now though, my books are calling, and I need to get back to watching Red Dwarf. This TV series is only available on Netflix streaming service till the beginning of February (yet another of my favorite shows that I won’t be able to watch on Netflix anymore). I am only on season 7, so I have a lot of episodes left to watch. (… fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun. …. emoticon :smile: )

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