Daily Bookbag: 23 Jan 2015

I spent far too long today playing with wax, my trial and error candle-making experiments for which I obtained some more old candles yesterday. Still, since my days start ~noonish, instead of 7-8am like normal people seem to prefer, my 6pm is the equivalent of most people’s 1pm, and keeping that in mind I feel better about spending hours on candle shaping, wick tests and making coffee. What have I learned so far from all this? Well, I can keep a flame going on my wicks for 6-8hrs now without it sputtering out, my candles are not leaking wax onto my stovetop, and I’ve discovered that leaning over candle flames for a few hours dries out one’s nasal passages and can cause nosebleeds. Very important stuff.

Anyway, I also checked all my social media sites, entered a few dozen Goodreads giveaways, and started a new row on my big crochet striped blanket. Finally I am getting my day’s playlists in order and settling in for some reading. I am resisting the urge to watch more Red Dwarf, since it is only available streaming on Netflix for another week (!!!!!) but I only have 2 seasons left to watch now, so they can wait.

Today I am reading

Rope & Bone: A Novel in StoriesRope & Bone, by Ginnah Howard – a novel broken up into 34 chapters, which Howard is calling short stories. The story centers around 2 women, Del and Carla, who meet when Del’s car gets a flat tire near Carla’s house. From there the book pops back in time to tell Del’s story and Carla’s story. I am on page 103 now, out of 412, so I might finish this one by tomorrow. I won it through a Goodreads giveaway, and no doubt part of why I have not been winning as many this month is that I have such a backlog of books I’ve won that I need to read and review.

Revolt in 2100Revolt in 2100, by Robert A. Heinlein – This is a sci-fi dystopian story set in a world where the separation of church and state in the US has been demolished and a zealous, twisted, vicious church led by the Prophet has control of the country, demanding virgins to act as servants and sexual pets for the Prophet and his subordinates, and using a system of torture and surveilance to control everyone. In this messed up world a young man falls in love with a young woman, only the young man is a new officer in the US Army, and he is supposed to be a guard in the Prophet’s compound, while the young woman is an innocent virgin who freaks out when she discovers that her duties in serving the Prophet include sex. I am 52 pages into this one, out of 188, so I will probably finish this one today. It is one of the books I borrowed from my brother.

I have 2 other books listed on my Goodreads as being in progress, but I may start a library book I have had a while once I finish these 2 books. I ought to focus a bit on the books for my Read Your Library reading challenge, so I can be done with the first shelf and shift my focus down to lower shelves officially (though I have been checking out books from the first 3 shelves for a while now.) I’m not sure the librarians understand what I mean when I say I am reading their library, but they’ll work it out eventually. 🙂

Bands/Artists on my playlist today:

  • Savage Garden (I woke up with “Santa Monica” stuck in my head on infinite loop.)
  • Patti Fiasco – their songs fit the tone of Rope & Bone really well
  • Hannah & Maggie
  • Petals of Spain
  • Led Zeppelin



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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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