2014 Reading Recap 2: Authors

Every year I pick authors to focus on, not that I read all their books that year, but I make a point of reading at least a few of their books. This year I chose Clive Cussler, Stephen King, and Andre Norton. So far I have read a total of 8 Clive Cussler books, 23 Stephen King books, and 36 Andre Norton books, and about half of each of those totals comes from this year’s reading. I have 8 more Cussler books in my TBR shelves, plus 3 Stephen King books, and 7 Andre Nortons, and my sister has more King and Norton I will be borrowing soon.

I discovered a few authors this year that I plan to focus on more next year-

– Elizabeth George – I’ve read 2 of her Inspector Lynley novels so far, and loved them both. There are also 4 Inspector Lynley episodes on Netflix I need to watch.

– Kevin J. Anderson – This is a Colorado author, and I have been looking for more of these. Anderson’s Clockwork Angels is gorgeous, and unexpectedly I really enjoyed Hair Raising, too. Hair Raising is part of a detective series, but one where the detective is a zombie, his girlfriend is a ghost, and there are lots of werewolves and vampires involved. I’ve checked out a few more of his books to read this month.

I’ll post my targeted authors list for 2015 soon. I plan to finish reading all the books of a few classic (and conveniently dead) authors- the living ones keep writing new books, making reading ALL their books a moving target. I also have spillover authors I’ll continue reading from past years, including this year of course.

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