2014 Reading Recap

What were your reading goals for 2014? When this year began for me, I was a music blogger struggling to find ways to make money withing a music scene that relied far too much on volunteer labor. When everyone is expected to work for free, there is no money to go around to keep everyone’s rent paid. So, after a few more months of that, I started rethinking my plans and reintroduced book blogging. In fact Ravenmount was a book blog first, before it migrated from blogger to wordpress, and there are a few older book posts still on Ravenmount from then.

My reading plans every year involve reading at least 100 books, and trying to surpass 200. Now, before you start with the comments about how most people are lucky to find time to read just 1, etc., I am not saying EVERYONE ought to read this many books. But, as a book blogger, and increasingly a professional book critic and blogger, I NEED to read enough books to be able to cover a decent range of books on my blog, every week. My JOB is to read books and write reviews and blog posts and do social media. So, reading 200 books is not so crazy after all. I do draw the line at reading so fast that I no longer can enjoy the good ones, too. There are book bloggers who read closer to 300 books each year. If in your circumstances and with your reading speed and preferences, you only read a few books per year, that’s great. I have no TV, and pretty much no social life except online, so it is easy for me to read a lot.

I passed the 200 mark on my spreadsheet over a week ago, but since some of what I read is not yet on Goodreads, my Goodreads challenge meter didn’t hit 200 until a few nights ago. I’m still reading. Actually I read 3 short novels (each ~200pgs) last night alone, and have more lined up for today. But the pressure is off as far as hitting numerical goals, so if I want to tackle 1000pg books (like Brandon Sanderson’s books The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance) I can read them leisurely and enjoy them without worrying that taking a week to read one book means I might not finish reading many books for that week.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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