40 Days of Favorite Songs (10): Hallelujah

All my other non-holiday posts in this series have had 5 distinct songs listed, but some songs merit their own whole post just by themselves. Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is one of these special songs. The recordings I’ve heard of Leonard Cohen’s version are not really my thing, but this song has been recorded many times since. Cohen does often sing verses that often are not included in covers by other artists, so even though I prefer other versions, I listen to his occasionally to remind myself of those other verses. http://youtu.be/2FpwjQLZTTs

The ‘iconic’ recording for this song is almost certainly the one by Jeff Buckley. This is the version that most musicians likely have in mind when covering this song, as he captures the dark, complex mood of this song very well. http://youtu.be/WIF4_Sm-rgQ

There are more verses to this song, though, than were performed in Buckley’s rendition. Here is a version from Straight No Chaser that includes some of my favorite, lesser-known verses.http://youtu.be/L959VL8WSoQ

My favorite Irish singing group, Celtic Thunder recorded this song, using verses similar to what Buckley sang, but with harmony voices. http://youtu.be/a0mcxhn5yXE

My other favorite rendition of this song is by K.D. Lang, an absolutely stunning performance of this song in every video and recording I’ve heard so far from her. http://youtu.be/P_NpxTWbovE

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