40 Days of Favorite Songs (8): Christmas Music Segment Pt1

Christmas is fast approaching, and there are some really great holiday recordings to choose from for just about any favorite holiday song. Here is my favorite version of “12 Days of Christmas”, though I must admit it is not exactly ‘correct’.

Straight No Chaser does get all the days right in the last 2 verses, and you’ll know if your memory for those 12 days’ gifts is a bit rusty when you try to sing along to these 10 lads. If you already know the Straight No Chaser version of this traditional Christmas song, you know exactly what I mean. I did find one youtube video from a performance where they actually did sing through the “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel” song, which was fantastic, but the sound and picture quality weren’t as good as in this video. My cat is getting awfully tired of this song already, because I either sing along or crack up laughing every time I turn on a video of this group doing this song, and I’ve gone through a bunch of ’em tonight already. But, after I post this bubble, I suspect I will be listening to this song at least one more time tonight, even if it is just to sing along to the last verse. “Nine ladies dancing (they were dancing for me)…” “fiiiive golden rings….fiiiiiive golden rings….” 🙂

Oh, and for those who want to know what the ‘correct song sounds like, a version featuring 2 of my favorite singers- Hayley Westenra and Aled Jones:

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