40 Days of Favorite Songs: 7

I got bored with my usual headers, so I’m using old photos I took at concerts for a while, maybe for the rest of this post series. I do, after all, have thousands of old concert photos in my folders still.

The last 5 songs were ones I have had stuck in my head a lot. Here are 5 that I put on when I am feeling low and need a music equivalent of a hug.

1. “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)”, Josh Groban – It helps that Josh Groban comes across as someone I could easily see my being friends with, if we ever actually knew one another. So, it is easy to imagine that Josh means what he is singing in this song, and actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does mean it.

2. “Everybody Hurts”, REM – This song has been one I often put on as a bit of self-therapy, and since I’ve had this song in my music collection ever since I started college, I’ve listened to it a lot. It’s not quite as universally helpful as Josh Groban’s song, but this one is still useful to keep around.

3. “Dreamer’s Ball”, Queen – Back in college I used to put this song and a few other Queen songs together in a short playlist that I would turn on just before turning off the lights. Where the first 2 songs in this post directly address one’s unhappiness and distress, this song is just a favorite soothing lullaby.

4. “Sonny”, Hayley Westenra – Ok, so this song is actually a sad, depressing one, but I enjoy singing along to it, and when I am a bit warmed up, I actually can sing it in Hayley’s key, which always makes me more cheerful. I usually sing alto, so it amuses me, my being able to sing a song in a high soprano range comfortably.

5. “When You Come Back Down”, Nickel Creek – Actually on my ‘therapy’ playlists I often include both this song and “The Lighthouse’s Tale”, and I’ll include them both in the spotify playlist that holds all the songs from this post series (http://open.spotify.com/user/128264634/playlist/2mYOpTQLweerxPyYZQ8iGk ) but this song is the musical hug, of the two, while “The Lighthouse’s Tale” is another sad, depressing song. There are actually quite a few songs about how sad, depressing songs actually can make you feel better when you are sad and depressed, so I suppose it is not too odd to include tragic ballads on my therapy playlists.

What songs do you listen to when you are feeling low?

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