40 Days of Favorite Songs: 6

These five songs have been getting stuck in my head a lot this week.

  1. “Flesh and Bone”, Cam Penner – I woke up with this song stuck in my head this morning, and it has been running non-stop ever since, at least till I started making this post and added more songs to my mental playlist. This song is insidiously catchy, an end-of-love song full of poetic phrasing and an undercurrent of moving on and appreciating good memories and blue skies.
  2. “The Land and the Sea”, Hannah & Maggie – When I was starting to get tired of the endless repeats of “Flesh and Bone” in my head, this was the song my brain spun up instead. This one is a mid-love song, full of comfy romance and companionship, the sort of love people generally are hoping for when they start a new relationship. It’s a nice fantasy, even if it rarely happens in real life.
  3. “So She Dances”, Josh Groban – I must have romance on the brain today, that or musicians fill up their love songs with all their best beautiful lines and pretty tunes. “So She Dances” is one of the less flashy songs out of Josh Groban’s repertoire, but where the flashy songs catch your ear immediately, this song worms its way into your head and emerges in your dreams and while you are reading. It is a love-from-afar song, a man admiring a woman he doesn’t know yet.
  4. “Take It Away Boys”, Keith Harkin – This is a song into which Keith Harkin poured all his bravado and high hopes for the life of adventure and great things he has been building for himself. I think of it as his way of bottling his energy and courage from when things were going particularly well, so that he can sample that energy when things are not going so smoothly. I hope it worked, because he certainly had some setbacks this year, but whether it worked for him or not, by putting all that into a recorded song for others to enjoy, the rest of us can also pick up a dose of energy, hope and enthusiasm from this song.
  5. “Empress of Wyoming”, The Hollyfelds – I don’t live in Wyoming, and don’t intend to, but nonetheless I find myself humming this song to myself a lot. I first heard it live, when these ladies and their band were performing for an event in Old Town Fort Collins a few years ago, and I’ve had it in my head off and on ever since. I suppose the part of Colorado I am from is not much different from Wyoming, with wide open spaces and a nice ridge of blue mountains decorating the western horizon.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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