40 Days of Favorite Songs: 5

I am celebrating my sister’s successful return to her own house by finally getting back to these music posts. I may be doing more than 1 a day for a while to catch up.

  1. “Walk the Dinosaur”, Was (Not Was) – There was a dance that went with this song, a very silly dance, and an absurdly cute music video on MTV. I don’t remember the dance well enough to embarrass myself by trying to do it when this song pops up on 80’s playlists overhead at grocery stores. However, I do still know all the words, and I think in my dreams I might still remember the dance well enough for my dream’s characters to try it every so often. If you like the stranger B52’s songs you may enjoy this song.
  2. “Nine Pound Hammer”, Townes Van Zandt – I absolutely love the fast bluegrass arrangements of this song, and I actually do sing harmonies for this one when it is played at bluegrass jams, despite my mild dislike of performing in public. This is not a fast rendition, but it makes a but more sense with the lyrics, and the rhythm fits more with the plodding tread of a miner working his way into a seam. I love singing the fast one, but this version is slowly overtaking that fast one as one of my all-time favorite bluegrass songs.
  3. “When the Stars Go Blue”, Tim McGraw – This is a beautiful sad song, a cover I think I like better than the original, and I always forget that it is sung by Tim McGraw, because generally I dislike his style of country music. This, though, is a bit of a different mood and style from what I am used to hearing from this artist. The music video for this one was also really nice.
  4. “I Know My Love”, Malachi Cush – I am trying to learn this song well enough to sing it while doing chores. There are recordings of it sung by female artists, as well, but tonight this was the one I liked better. By springtime if you walk by while I am gardening, you can be sure to hear this song at least once or twice, though perhaps not at recording quality.
  5. “The Gambler”, Kenny Rogers – Can any woman listen to the first line of this song as Kenny Rogers recorded it, all super low and gravelly, and not love it. My mom loved Kenny Rogers when I was a kid, but she played “Heavenly Sunshine” a LOT, and WAAAY too loud, so I boycotted this artist in retaliation, all except for this song. I grew up singing this one with my siblings on long car trips, and sang it again for campfire programs when I was on summer camp staff, and I haven’t ever gotten tired of it yet.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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