Ravenblog: What’s so exciting about Black Friday anyway?

I almost never find myself at a store on Black Friday, let alone in the ‘exciting’ Thanksgiving night hours stores now have to allow early-birds to get more shopping hours in. Last night I wound up at a Walmart for just such an early-bird sale, except that I was there because my sister needed a toothbrush. We wandered around looking for good deals, or really for any clue as to why the parking lot was crammed full late at night on Thanksgiving night. I still don’t get it. There were flatscreen TVs for sale, pretty cheap, I guess, both in price and in quality I’d bet, and shoppers were limited to buying just 2 each, as if all of Pueblo needed 2 flatscreen TVs, each. But, from my Christmas wishlist, NOTHING was on any sort of sale.

Well, my tomato soup was about 15 cents cheaper per can than it would be at their full price, but that’s the sort of sale I see there a lot any time of the year. They also had cardboard bins of DVDs and video games, which had clearly just arrived, but for anyone not shopping for optical discs with movies or games burned onto them, last night was a bit of a wash, at least at Walmart. At least, being so unexciting, the shoppers were unexcited enough not to be rioting or shooting one another, which we know does occasionally happen. The cops had a heavy presence at the store, just in case, but really NOTHING HAPPENED.

Except that my sister bought a new toothbrush and a fresh pillow.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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