40 Days of Favorite Songs: 4

I’ve been letting my massive ‘starred’ playlist run on random all day today, letting songs grab my attention, feeling out my current favorites for tonight’s post.

At the top of my list so far tonight is

  1. “Where Do You Go To My Lovely”, which I have on my playlist recorded by Sandra McCracken. However, my favorite rendition of this song is by Keith Harkin, in a radio recording he did a while before he joined Celtic Thunder. This song is in his solo repertoir and he plays it still when he is on tour, so hopefully it will make it onto his next album, or at least one of his next albums. It’s a gloomy, melancholy song, with more than a dash of classy elegance mixed in, capturing the crazy mix of style and ugliness that exist in many artsy scenes.
  2. “So Are You To Me”, Eastmountainsouth – I don’t have, or really want, a fellow to be in love with, but there are still a few love songs that I love, even without a man to sing them about. I suppose I could always just resurrect my notion of ‘fangirling’ about my 2 favorite Celtic Thunder singers if I need a stand-in to sing love songs about, though having met them a few times now it is much harder to return them to fantasy celebrity romance status. I was singing this song with minor changes to my cat last night, and it worked well enough for him, actually.
  3. “Travelin’ Soldier”, Dixie Chicks – One of my friends used to know these ladies and play music with them casually, and I am a bit jealous of him for that (though he had to live in Texas to enjoy this experience). If this story was dragged out in the form of a young adult novel, I’d probably not read it, but as a 5-6 minute song it’s a lovely, sad story about a girl’s tragic first love, and I suppose about how love makes human lives more valued, since she cares about that name on the casualty list when no one else really does.
  4. “Daydream Believer”, The Monkees – Every time this song comes on, I get dirty looks from the cat because I tend to sing along with great energy, even picking up the poor cat to dance with him- he does not willingly dance. I made him watch the entire Monkees TV show a few months ago, too. I no longer think any of those lads are particularly dreamy, but I can still see why they caught on so well with teens and young adults when that show was new. This song has always been my favorite from the show, as a teen and now.
  5. “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, Poison – I was going to end this post with a different song, but I got this song stuck in my head and have been singing it under my breath all day. I was watching reruns by the time I was old enough to appreciate the Monkees, but I was a teen at just the right time to have a healthy teenage fascination for Bret Michaels (and Axl Rose). I saw all their music videos enough that when I hear this song I still see the music video running through my head.

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