What books have you read this past week?

I still need to organize my notes for my next Read Your Library update on PersonaPaper. I’ve been keeping all of my updates related to this reading project on PersonaPaper, even though that site doesn’t pay well, because it is easier to do a projact like that with just one social media site to write posts for. But, I read a lot of books that are not really for that project- fiction books by authors whose names don’t start with A, for instance, and books that I borrowed from my sister or brother, or that I bought. My reading totals for each week are a lot greater than just what I write about for my Read Your Library challenge.

Here’s all of the books I read this week:

– Star Ka’at World, Andre Norton (juvenile/YA fantasy)

– The Miserable Mill (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #4), Lemony Snicket (juvenile/YA fantasy)

– Lord Of Thunder (Beast Master / Hosteen Storm, #2), Andre Norton (fantasy)

– The black sun de Ricardo Mora, Ricardo Mora (poetry)

– The Bone Orchard (Mike Bowditch, #5), Paul Doiron (crime/murder/mystery)

– A Curious History of Food and Drink, Ian Crofton (non-fiction, & not one I recommend)

– Crossing the Line (Paris Homicide, #2), Frédérique Molay (crime/murder/mystery)

– Absolute Recoil: Towards A New Foundation Of Dialectical Materialism, Slavoj Žižek (philosophy, very heavy stuff, but good)

– The Diary of a Madman and Other Stories, Nikolai Gogol (short stories, finally finished reading the last stories)

– Last to Know, Elizabeth Adler (crime/murder/mystery)

The only book in this list that is actually for my library project is Last to Know, which is a murder mystery. Actually both this book and Crossing the Line feature Paris, and I read Anna and the French Kiss last week, so I’ve had French on the brain this week. Now, though, I’m reading The Lemon Grove, which is set in Iran after the Iran-Iraq war of the late 70’s, so maybe I’ll read a few more books set in the Middle East this week.

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