Refocusing- Reading My Library

This past week I managed to only read one book that counts towards my Read Your Library challenge! I read a lot of books, but only one that I checked out from the first column of shelves in the adult fiction section or the 100’s of nonfiction at my local library. I was pleased to see, when I was at the library on Friday, that I am almost halfway done reading the books on the first shelf right now, at least as they are shelved right now. The books do come and go and shift around over time, so it is hard to checkoff a shelf as done, but when I finish the ones I have out now, I’ll be almost done with the top shelf of the A’s. The trick is going to be focusing on those books.

I turned in 4 books, and checked out a lot more than 4, so this week I’ll need to stick to reading library books more (though I just read 2 in a row that I got from my sister, and I have a few other books already started that are not library books).

The books I checked out this time are mostly nonfiction. I have one on aliens, one about looking for the yeti in Nepal, a memoir, and a philosophy book, all from the first column of nonfiction that has non-reference books.(At our library the very first column of the nonfiction section has almost no non-reference books on it.) I also checked out one more fiction book from the A’s, and a John Grisham book I hadn’t read yet. It’s these ‘extras’ that are getting me in trouble, because they lure me away from reading what I am supposed to be to finish off a shelf or two. Anna and the French Kiss, The Night Circus, The Book Thief, Coraline, and all the rest of these library books are not content to wait their turn, which means when I get to P, M, Z, or G, I can skip a few books I’ll have already read, but it’ll also take longer to get past A. We all know that part of what makes this sort of challenge a ‘challenge’ is that it takes a lot of self-discipline to read just certain books, the same sort of self-discipline that is required to stay focused on work while self-employed in any field, really.

So, what am I reading tonight? Well…*cue guilty side-blush and hand-wringing*… I picked up Ali Hosseini’s book, The Lemon Grove , and it’s short, or shortish anyway. When I finish this one, then I’ll get back to the books I am supposed to be reading, really.

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