40 Days of Favorite Songs: 3

If you were wondering where all the hair bands and Irish music have gone in my favorites list, they’re well represented, and there will be plenty. After all,i grew up on 80’s hair bands, and had a crush on Joey Tempest for years. I also had a mini-crush on John Deacon, the bassist from Queen, in high school. So, yes, expect 80’s bands and Queen and Irish songs to be liberally sprinkled throughout my list. I have not been so completely taken with Modern Country and Colorado local music as to forget my roots.

  1. “Thunderbird”, Quiet Riot Speaking of 80’s rock music, Quiet Riot was the band I turned to when I was angry at my grandparents as a teenager, because they could be loud for me, and swear, and sound angry, while I could lay back and read a book. And, at the end of my Metal Health cassette was this song, my all-time favorite Quiet Riot song. In college I have been known to put this song on repeat for hours, once I had it as an mp3 where that was a playback option. The lyrics are about a romantic relationship, or maybe a parent singing to a child, but essentially it is a lot like the Nickle Creek song, “When You Come Down,” encouragement to chase your dreams knowing there is someone waiting to catch you if you fall. This is the sort of message probably most people need to hear more often, even if it is just a fantasy.
  2. “On Broken Wings”, Europe I did mention Joey Tempest. I had a VHS tape of a Europe concert that included this song, but for years that was the only way I could hear this one, and yet many years after I no longer had a VHS tape player, I still knew every word and every note of this song when i found it on spotify. This one is a relationship song, about a couple trying to keep their relationship going despite severe challenges. Considering how little romance figures in my life, one might raise an eyebrow at how many love songs are on my favorite songs list, but I did have a crush on this singer for many years. I would love to say I would not be so smitten if I met Joey now, in real life, but actually he has aged well, and our age difference is not so awful now that I am 35. In any case, I still love this song.
  3. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, Tears for Fears Whe I worked at Dillards, we had a soundtrack that included this song, which made the endless repeats of the same set of songs not quite so painful. This song is also at the end of Real Genius, one of my favorite movies, and it’s a great song for me anyway. Yes, I do want to rule the world, or at least I would if I could delegate a lot of the work. 🙂
  4. “Patience”, Guns N Roses Besides Joey Tempest, my rockstar crushes included Poison’s Bret Michaels and GNR’s Axl Rose. It’s just too bad most real guys don’t resemble the fantasy of these men. Even the real Joey Tempest, Bret Michaels and Axl Rose struggle to keep up with their public images. I love “Patience” best out of the GNR repertoir because I get a kick out of whistling the intro. I also love the bridge section of this song, and in the music video, which I can still see in my mind when I hear this song, Axl looks very dreamy.
  5. “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”, Young Dubliners There are other bands that have recorded this song, but I love the energy the Young Dubliners put into this one. I also love “Some Say the Devil is Dead”, but I have yet to find a recording of it that matches my imagination for what it should sound like. Neither one is a traditional Irish folk song exactly, but they are both very Irish.

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