40 Days of Favorite Songs: 2

My new 20-song playlist is up, with a spotify player in the post, though I may still add in links later tonight. Now I can go back to listening to my mega-list of all the songs on spotify that I’ve listed on my blog. Here are a few more of the songs on my mega-list that make my ears really perk up,even on a playlist made up entirely of songs I like.

  1. “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You’ve Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band),” Alabama I love this song, especially the bit in the chorus where they sing a cappella for a few bars. This is a dangerous song for me to hear live, and one of the few that proved irresistable for me, a non-dancer, enough that I actually did some country swing dancing to this one with a pursuasive friendly musician (a nice blond bassist), IN PUBLIC!!!
  2. “The Wee Weaver,” Shauna Mullin and/or “The Weaver and the Factory Maid,” Steeleye Span These 2 folk songs are among my absolute favorite folk songs, both mimicking the rhythms of working looms, a complex beat that is awfully hard to pick up at first. “The Wee Weaver” is done a cappella with a couple voices, and the last chorus is done staggered, almost like a round. This is a simple country tune in which weaver falls in love with a woman who rides by his window with her fiance. The couple marries and they no longer ride by the weaver’s window. “The Weaver and the Factory Maid” has instrumentation, and is a bit longer. It addresses the industrializing textile industry, and the speaker is a man whose trade is being displaced by factories. He is courting a young woman who works in a factory and who has a job that is replacing his own and making him obsolete.
  3. “Vinyl Memories,” SHEL I get sucked into listening to this whole album most days when I start out intending to just listen to one song. Usually this is the song I start with though. It reminds me of the 4-part harmonies of the Beatles or the Monkees, which I am sure is along the lines of what was intended for this song. I also really like “On My Way”, but really all their songs get a lot of plays on my computer. SHEL is evolving a bit now, with Hannah and Sarah performing as a duo, or Eva playing shows with other musicians. Still, the 4 sisters who make up SHEL (which stands for Sarah, Hannah, Eva, Liza) remain together in their fantastic 4-part folk/country band. Many of my friends in the Colorado music scene are convinced that SHEL can’t last much longer- many family bands break up a bit once the kids grow up- but SHEL is good enough that I could see them deciding to maintain the act as is, even if they also create side projects as they have been lately.
  4. “The Fire,” Places Places is a Denver band, so I have only seen them live twice, and I have never met them, but I LOVE their music. If you like Rod Stewart, Richard Marx,etc., you might like Places. This is the first of their songs that grabbed my attention 2 years ago, and it is still my favorite.
  5. “Shine,” Petals of Spain I still have yet to meet the singer in this Denver band who sounds like Freddy Mercury, but I will. The rest of the band knows me as the blogger who compares them to Queen, and they seem pretty happy about that. I have always wished I grew up in London in the 1970’s so I could have been blogging about Queen in their earlier years, so you can imagine my glee when this band took the stage at the Aggie after Tour de Fat in 2012. They are not trying to copy Queen, but they may as well be channeling early Queen anyway, in their live show and in the studio. This song especially sounds like Queen, enough that if I hear it while I am distracted or tired I can be momentarily fooled into thinking this IS a Queen song. The fellow who was on lead vocals when I saw them perform is a very pleasant, fairly attractive, and very talented young man named Nic Jay. He has a bit of a solo repertoir as well, which I enjoyed at a fundraiser last year. I am definitely looking forward to hearing this band’s new album when it’s done.

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