Ravenblog: I really should be reading something warmer!

The next book on my stack to read, one I’ve been looking forward to, is Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking, a memoir by Anya von Bremzen about Russian and Soviet cultural history. It was my latest selection from the Blogging for Books program I participate in, so it arrived at my door as a free review copy a while ago, but this is one I’d be checking out at the library whenever they get it in stock there, if I couldn’t get a review copy. I’ve read the first 50 pages, and have been really enjoying it.

Unfortunately, the Soviet Union included some very cold places, and the author in this book reminisces about winters as well as food. I really hope this book selection didn’t jinx our weather, because today’s weather feels like we borrowed it from the Arctic Circle. My 1920’s-30’s house is not very well weatherproofed, either, so I’ve been trying out all those tricks for keeping houses warm that I’ve read about in books about life in Russia, Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada. Literature can indeed be useful, and I’m sure I’ve improved my house’s heating situation a lot through reading those books (mostly novels). Still, if the Arctic Circle would like its snow and frosty air back, I’m perfectly happy to send it back where it belongs.

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