Ravenblog: Pastel Kitties

My mom’s barn cats are usually a range of colors, but lately many of them are pastel orange and white. My favorites are a fluffy, super-friendly orange teenage cat named Frito and the biggest cat in the colony, Taco Kitty (who is the one with his head in the dish in this post’s image). Taco Kitty’s fur is short but very thick and velvety, and he loves having his head rubbed, and Frito is campaigning to be the family cat, though there is little chance he’ll succeed in convincing Mom to let him move indoors. (Mom also raises finches and guinea pigs, so having a cat indoors where the birds and baby piggies are might be too much adventure.) I wish I had a house where I could adopt a few cats, cause Taco Kitty and Frito would love to spend their lounge hours on a nice soft couch or on the pillows on my bed.

april 2015 016The newest kittens are all white with pastel orange or pastel calico. Their mothers are a calico cat and a white cat with pastel orange spots, and while they could have had multiple partners, I am sure the fluffy ones call Blue their father (he’s a gorgeous but wild longhaired cat with bluegray and white fur), and the shorthaired kittens are probably Taco Kitty’s kids. Blue is such a pretty kitty, and he looks like he should be a pampered housecat, but he’s the patriarch of the colony and has been for a while. The all-pastel orange kitten has taken to following Frito around like a shadow, and seems to be trying to be just like Frito.

My goal- to snuggle all the kittens. The one who is tailing Frito may let me snuggle him soon, but I may have to make do with just petting the others during dinnertime when they’re eating.

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