365 Days of Books: Day 2

The Clever Mill Horse (Lew-Smith), Victim of Circumstance(Rappaport), Shift (Howey), The Bone Orchards (Doiron)

What is on your TBR (to be read) stack, list, or shelves? I come across great books, or at least great sounding, brand new books, every day, but I only have time to read a small fraction of them.

Here are a few more of the lovely books I have come across that are most definitely on my TBR list.

1. The Clever Mill Horse, Jodi Lew-Smith (Caspian Press, Pub Date   Aug 15 2014)

I may start this book tonight, as I made that fatal mistake of reading the first 5 pages. Yes, I am reading several other books now, but this one starts out good.

From the publisher: Winner of the 2014 James River Writers indie novel contest!

A young woman’s gift could weave together the fabric of a nation…

1810, upstate New York. 21-year-old Ella Kenyon is happiest gliding through the thick woods around her small frontier town, knife in hand, her sharp eyes tracking game. A gift for engineering is in her blood, but she would gladly trade it for more time in the forest. If only her grandfather’s dying wish hadn’t trapped her into a fight she never wanted: for a flax-milling machine that could rescue both her family and her struggling town. She has the chance to make flax as profitable as cotton at a time when cotton had yet to become king. If only she wanted it. Torn between what she loves and what she owes to others, no one would envy the choices she has to make. Nor the need to elude a ruthless foe determined to steal the machine.



 2. Victim of Circumstance, by Douglas Rappaport (Count to Ten Publishing , Pub Date   September 4th 2014)Victim of Circumstance

I won a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads program, so it should be arriving in my mailbox very soon.

Goodreads Blurb: A collection of autobiographical vignettes, Victim of Circumstance is a meditation on love and loss, examining our perceptions of ourselves and how they shape the most important decisions of our lives. With humor and heart, Rappaport bounds across years and continents, searching for sense in life’s heartbreaks, philosophical quandaries, chance encounters, and the occasional life-or-death misadventure.

Find this book on Goodreads, Book Depository, Amazon

Page 2 – More books on my TBR list (which I will hopefully get to in the near future)

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