730 Days of Luscious Music: Day 1

730 Days of Luscious Music I need in my collection, not just luscious music in general. If I had the money I would own all these albums, and probably would be swimming in way too many band shirts and other cool merch as well. Considering how badly most band tshirts fit me, maybe it is a good thing I am broke. (Though, I do have a couple really nice band tshirts that fit me nicely, my favorite still being my blue Post Paradise shirt.)

Anyway, I like one-a-day post series, but I always tire of the sameness of 365 day series, so this one is a 2 year, or 730 day series. If I had money this would also be a running shopping list, but since I don’t have the money, you my dear readers will have to enjoy these things in my stead, while I make do with just the spotify listings for now.

1. Marian Call, Got to Fly (2008, reissued Dec 2014)Artwork by Karen Luke Fildes

Marian has 4 shows this week in Colorado, so if you like her music and live in Boulder, Denver or Colorado Springs you’re in luck this week. In addition to this great news, she also has rereleased her popular 2008 album Got to Fly on CD. You can order them online here.

2. Birds of Chicago – Live From Chicago (2013), Birds of Chicago (2012)Birds of Chicago | Live from Space

If you want to hear the soundtrack to my dreams this past few weeks, it is mostly songs from this amazing duo, along with a few bizarre tunes like the “Timewarp” song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and “Kangaroo Hop” from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother. If I could only take 5 musical acts with me to stay on a desert island, I’d bring along these two lovely people as one of my first picks. (Granted, musicians might rather not be dragged off to live out their lives on a desert island with just a bunch of other musicians, their families, and me. But, I see no desert island scenario in my realistic future, so we’re all good for now.)

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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