The Shelf: Adventures in Extreme Reading

Guess what I found at the library!

A Book. Well, ok, a book about reading books at a library- The Shelf: LEQ – LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading , by Phyllis Rose. In this book, Phyllis Rose takes on a reading challenge a bit less extreme than my own Read Your Library challenge, but otherwise very similar. She decided, for reasons that echo my own, that she would read all the books on a particular shelf of a private library in New York. She tried to choose a shelf with some diversity and without a lot of books she’d already read, and after considering a few hundred of the available fiction shelves at the library she selected the one covering authors whose names start with Leq-Les. And, already, one chapter into her adventure, she’s hit the same snag that I did, that when you check out books at a library other people are also checking out books, and books are constantly being reshelved, so that the books shift, and there are different ones on the shelf you are working on when you return to the library for the next batch of books.

Amusingly, I picked up Rose’s book because it is in the first segment of the Dewey Decimal System at my local branch library, and I am starting to check out the nonfiction books now as well as fiction books from authors whose names start with A.

In addition to Rose’s book I am still reading fiction of course.

I have just about finished the Read My Library book stack I posted about in my last post here, so my current stack is mostly books I haven’t mentioned on here yet

  • Let the Games Begin, Niccolo Ammaniti
  • Face, Sherman Alexie
  • Flight, Sherman Alexie (DONE)
  • Alburquerque, Rudolfo Anaya (DONE)
  • Say You’re One Of Them, Uwem Akpan
  • Hair Raising, Kevin J. Anderson
  • Clockwork Angels, Kevin J. Anderson
  • Collision, Jeff Abbott

I’m hoping to be returning a lot of these books to the library at the end of this week, so I can get a whole new stack for November. Unfortunately my ability to restrain myself from checking out more books is weak, and I have LOTS of other library books right now, plus many other non-library books to read. Still, I have some hope. The weather is turning cooler, so gardening is about at its end for the season, aside from a few days of landscaping sometime when I have the materials to put in some paths and line some planting beds. So, all those hours I was spending outside can now be added to my reading time (and my blogging time of course).

What are you reading now? Are you reading your local library (or a part of it)? Have you read any great books recently that you’d recommend?

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