Books Read So Far in October: Part 1(books 1-10)

These are all the books I’ve read so far this month October

1) Into the Canyon, Michael Neale (good)- religious allegorical novel, but actually pretty good even for non-religious readers. The underlying ideas remind me more of zen mysticism.

2) The Wild Colonial Boy, James Hynes (good)- 2 Americans get caught up in a deadly IRA splinter group’s bomb plot

3) Written in Stone, Ellery Adams (good)- murder mystery in North Carolina, involving the Lumbee tribe and the KKK. This book was a lot better than its cover would indicate.

4) Unsaid, Neil Abramson (good)- if you ignore the sappy narration, this is a decent novel about animal rights and intelligence

5) The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger (great)- a book I’ve meant to read for a while. I am certain that this book helped inspire scenes in the recent seasons of Doctor Who.

6)Austin City Limits: A History, Tracey E. Laird (good)- This is a must-read book for people involved in local music scenes. It was dull and tedious at times, but also provides great perspective on how Austin’s scene got to be what it is now.

7) Pomegranate Soup, Marsha Mehran (great)- The recipes in this book are great (I’ve tried 2 so far) and the story is lovely. 3 sisters wind up in Ireland in a small village, where their foreignness and cooking provide both allure and the basis for hostility against them.

8) Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, Isabel Allende (good)- an adventure set in a place that sounds like Bhutan. If you liked The Dark is Rising, you may like this book too.

9) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Ransom Riggs (great) – book 2 of this series just came out, and if it is as good, I’m really looking forward to it. This story reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s tales.

10) Under the Dome, Stephen King (good)- long, often tedious, and with a silly ending that reminded me of the bit about the giant kids with marbles at the end of Men In Black. Still good, but Stephen King’s best work.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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