More books! Read My Library, Batch 3

Can you tell I’ve been reading ‘too much’? My cat has taken to stealing my chair every time I get up, I suspect because he thinks I spend too much time with my books instead of petting him.

Today I finished Unsaid , by Neil Abramson, and I earlier this week I finished Kingdom of the Golden Dragon , by Isabel Allende. In fact I turned in 5 books today, which is good because I think I checked out 5 more.

I got drawn in first by a 2010 Connie Willis book. Connie Willis is a Colorado author, from Parker, Colorado, I think. She writes books that are the sort of scifi/fantasy/literature Ray Bradbury wrote, imaginative and unique and very well-crafted. The novel I have added to my library stack is called Blackout . It is a time travel story, which is great because the book I read yesterday (cover to cover in one day, a feat I rarely accomplish with 500pg books anymore) was The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. I did eventually make it to the ‘authors beginning with A’ section though. I looked at the “A”s in the young adult section but got turned off by all the sappy romance. I know worrying about dates and boyfriends is a huge part of being a teenage girl, but I also know it is not all that teenage girls think is important. If authors and book marketers gave girls the benefit of assuming girls can understand and enjoy other things- multicultural stories, puzzles, and all those other interesting features of books marketed to other readers- teenage girls might remember that they have other interests and hobbies, once they are not being bombarded with romances disguised as other genres of fiction. ghrrrrrr.


I also did check out a few more books from the ‘authors beginning with A’ section of adult fiction-

  • Tortuga , by Rudolfo Anaya
  • Collision , by Jeff Abbott
  • Say You’re One of Them , by Uwem Akpan
  • Flight , by Sherman Alexie

I was also seduced into checking out one more extra book that was lurking near the self-checkout machines on a new-books display, the most recent Clive Cussler novel, The Eye of Heaven . Books can be sneaky, lurking in displays like that waiting till you say something like ‘I’m only getting these 5 books’. And I’m a sucker for Clive Cussler books.

So, I have lots to look forward to in this next week. Tonight I’ll be finishing Written in Stone, by Ellery Adams, a murder mystery involving the Lumbee, a Native American tribe from the North Carolina area. The story of the Lumbee is interesting. They seem to be a tribe that coalesced out of many different groups of Native Americans displaced from their original tribal lands, along with free and escaped Black people and mulattoes and non-Black people who married Black people. They really did have a ‘battle’ with the KKK, just as this novel describes. The Lumbee realized they were a larger force than the Klansmen who were hoping to attack them, so the Lumbee attacked the Klansmen and ran them off, an even that made it into the news and royally embarrassed the KKK enough that they were not really interesting in trying any further major attacks on the Lumbee in that area.

Next on my list will be Gerald’s Game, by Jane A. Adams, which at ~200pgs will be a fast read. After that, I’ll probably start on the Rudolfo Anaya books I have here, since there are more of his books at the library that I’ll check out next week. I have Albuquerque andTortuga now.

How’s your Read Your Library challenge coming along? Find any hidden gems I should look for?

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