Read Your Library Challenge: Batch 2

I made it to the library again this past weekend, returning 3 books and checking out 4. I tried to stick to just grabbing the next books on the shelf in the A section of adult fiction, but found a few snags

  • There are books reshelved now that were checked out before, so I will need to backtrack and check out those before I can consider that shelf done.
  • The psychology of just grabbing the next 3 books is challenging. I see other books on nearby shelves that look tastier than the ones I am supposed to be grabbing. This is why I got 4 instead of 3. Our branch library has several Rudolfo Anaya books I’d not heard of before, so I had to check one out, even though that shelf is 2 below the top A shelf.
  • The shelves are not quite in perfect alphabetical order.

Minor details, I know, but they do make grabbing the next 3 books slightly less simple.

The books I have checked out now towards my Read Your Library challenge are

– Unsaid, by Neil Abramson (The last one from the first batch)
– Gregory’s Game, by Jane A. Adams
– Relentless, by Cherry Adair
– Written in Stone, by Ellery Adams
– Alburquerque, by Rudolfo Anaya
– Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, by Isabelle Allende (top shelf of the YA section)

How is your Read Your Library challenge coming along? Read any good books so far? And really bad ones we should all know to avoid? Which library and which sections of your library are you reading for your challenge?

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