Music Notes- September 27

I know about way more music (and book) stuff than ever makes it into blog posts, so here’s some of what caught my attention today wrt music news-

Neil Byrne’s new youtube video- “I Can’t Tell You Why” (Eagles Cover) – Neil is still a member of Celtic Thunder, but he has several albums and projects outside Celtic Thunder as well.

Tara Keith’s new EP- Tara and her friend Chris Jak turned up at an Avo’s open mic one slow night, and I’ve been hooked ever since. She has a great voice, the sort of rich country-singer voice that one expects from country legends, and she sounds lovely singing with Chris too. When she becomes world-famous I’ll be one of those folks gloating about how I knew her before she made it big. I have very little information about where one can buy Tara’s new album, aside from the merchandise tables at live shows. I’ll post more information when I know more. In the meantime you can hear her new music on Reverbnation-

The Deadwood Saints had their CD release party last night for their 6th Street and Trinity album, which has been available online for a little while now. Several of my favorite songs from their live shows made the cut for this album, so I listen to it fairly often, usually whenever I get “Cheap Guitar” stuck in my head. (hear their music online at Reverbnation)

Winchester Holiday and Maxwell Hughes are acting as music ambassadors representing Colorado music in Nashville tonight as part of SpokesBUZZ’s annual BandSwap event.

I’m sure there’s a lot more going on tonight. I know Tyler T. had a show posted tonight. He has been working on a new album for a while now, so hopefully soon I’ll be posting about new music from him. Hopefully you checked out the posts earlier this week about Fierce Bad Rabbit and heard their new album by now. I know of a few other new albums in progress, too (incl. one from Petals of Spain), so there’s plenty of great new music coming.

What new music are you excited about?

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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