Living Asleep- New Music from Fierce Bad Rabbit

Did you enjoy the videos in Tuesday’s post? Well, if so, you may need to check out the brand new album by Fierce Bad Rabbit.

Living Asleep, Fierce Bad Rabbit‘s new 8-track album, just came out this week.

This album presents an evolving sound from this band, not too different from their previous albums, really, but different enough. They still vaguely remind me of Cheap Trick and maybe a bit of Rush, but with a bit more edgy dissonance and a tinge of the Beatles and Savage Garden. Odd mix? Yep, but it really does work. I also think this new album has a rather depressed theme, most of the songs expressing the gloomy dissatisfaction of a 30-something whose life is not working out the way it was meant to. Many of these songs are introspective, and there really isn’t a happy song in the mix this time. The band itself has had a great year, so maybe this is just one of those bands that writes its best depressed songs when the band members are happiest.

My favorite song- “Dreaming of Things to Be” – This one sounds very much like a John Lennon song, so apparently at least one of the fine musicians in this group has an inner Beatle available to channel. This is also probably the cheeriest song on the whole album, btw.

Living Asleep is available on bandcamp, amazon and spotify now, and will be available on itunes as well.

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