Ravenblog: The To Do Lists Left Undone

I wish I could say I read another 2 books already today, but no. I spent the afternoon in the yard, weeding and watering and harvesting a few squash from the reclaimed weed-seed topsoil beds (those cardboard boxes I filled with all the weeds and ‘topsoil’ I carved off the surface of my yard when I moved in- they apparently had more soil nutrients than the parts of the yard where I just weeded and planted seeds into the otherwise intact ‘topsoil’, so I actually got 4 squashes out of my gardening efforts in those cardboard boxes).

I did some reading, but in the lovely but slow novel I have been reading for a few days. I wrote up a brief blog post on the writing book I mentioned in my last post, reminding myself of how much harder it is for me to write short posts. I do need to hunt down the review-submission pages on the websites where I obtained the books I finished last, Blogging for Books and Netgalley, so I can finish dealing with the post-reading work for those books before I forget and get caught up in new books. The rest of today though was spent doing laundry, making brownies (which I never tasted cause I was doing laundry- they’re still at Mom’s house, unfortunately) and going grocery shopping.

Now of course, besides wrapping up my internet stuff for those 2 finished books and reading the 3 I am in the middle of, I need to decide what to read next, again. I usually have 3-4 books going at once, and I ought to start a new ebook, maybe the sequel to The 100, but I have about 50 different ebooks to choose from now. And, I only have a few weeks to read Mr. Mercedes, since it is a library ebook, so tonight may be a Stephen King night. I also have his mammoth novel Under the Dome in paperback, from the library, so I could just read Stephen King. OR, I have a stack of books I borrowed from Mom, and a huge section of a bookshelf filled with books borrowed from my brother, plus a few from my sisters, and about 600 of my own unread books to choose from.

Has anyone found a way to add extra hours to the day yet? I need a few more per day to finish all these books! (And, many of the ebooks and the shiny new books stacked up on my counter are very recently published or not yet published, and there are many more brand new books coming out every month.)

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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