Ravenblog: Blogging professionally

I am a professional blogger, in my own mind anyway. I have friends who have made professional blogging work, too, so it is possible.

Besides the money side (always a challenge- after all, when you publish a printed magazine people buy a physical copy. When you publish an online magazine, people expect it to be free) the biggest challenge for me is the mental side- taking my profession seriously.

When reading books and listening to music is what most people do to unwind, how do you justify spending all your work hours reading books and listening to music? It only feels like work after you’ve listened to 15 albums back to back, or after you’ve spent 8 hours straight reading average or mediocre books that you’ve committed yourself to reviewing. Most people really don’t want my ‘job’, because for most people reading 10 books in a week sounds exhausting or boring, and most people like to find a few favorite bands or artists and just enjoy those favorites. I have my favorites too, but I have to be constantly looking for more, so it is a rare treat for me to settle in with my favorite music and my favorite, many-times reread novels. The rest of the time I am working, and since I am also a writer, even when I am not working, I am developing stories or plotlines or characters for my own writing.

Try to convince your mother, though, that a career like this is a career, especially when money isn’t flowing in yet.

But, she isn’t here, and now that I’ve put in 3hrs of yardwork (and I am contemplating how I might get her to pay me for yardwork- it is her property, after all) I have books to read and music to peruse, and lots of reviews and blog posts and social media to focus on from now (~3pm) till 4am, my target bedtime. 🙂

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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