Ravenblog: September reading goals

Do you have reading goals for this month?

I have fallen almost 30 books behind my sister this year- she’s read ~130 books, and I’ve only read ~100 so far this year. And, my annual Goodreads Challenge counter this year is set at 200 books. Between beating my youngest sister and complteing my Goodreads goal, I need to read a lot this month.

Since I need to read ~100 books in the next 4 months, my goal this month is to read 30 books. I’ll be working on my NaNoWriMo novel in November, so the other 3 months will have to take up some of the slack. Crazy? Probably. Impossible? No.

It does mean I’ll be writing more about my reading this month, posting plenty of updates on here whining about the awful books and gushing about the good ones. For whatever reason reading does go faster for me if I can regularly pester other people about the books I am reading.

What are you reading this week/month/right now?

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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